CSE Associates
             Business Improvement Specialists
Real World Solutions for Real World Problems

                                   Sales declining?
                             Inventory increasing?
                         Profit margins shrinking?

With over 30 years of retail industry experience, CSE  has a successful track record of addressing our clients' needs with practical, real world solutions.  CSE provides a wide range of services to improve the effectiveness and performance of marketing, merchandising, inventory management and store operations.

Our clients include: local retailers, wholesalers and consumer packaged goods companies, as well as regional and national companies.

Our Perspective, Objectivity and deep industry Experience set us apart:

  • Perspective -- our work in many retail formats, both large and small, and our knowledge of industry best practices and approaches
  • Objectivity -- our long-standing credo of telling clients what they need to know, rather than what they want to hear
  • Experience -- our many years of direct industry experience and our track record of helping clients take their business to the next level

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